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"Would have never guessed that this ice cream is vegan. It was so delicious. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful, too, and the serving sizes were huge!!"

"We LOVE this place!! Every flavor we've tried has been incredible. Super friendly people also and a very cute atmosphere."

"Best ice cream I've ever tasted (vegan or otherwise). Super friendly and helpful staff. Would highly recommend!"

"Hands down the BEST ice cream I have ever had, anywhere, vegan or otherwise. All their flavors that I thought I knew, like chocolate and coffee, i was totally surprised by because they were 100% more delicious and full of actual, real flavor than anything I was expecting. AND, despite the coconut base, you don't get overwhelmed by that flavor, which was another nice surprise. Thank you Hawaiian Licks for totally raising the bar! I've already been recomming you to everyone and will continue to do so!"

"Most delicious non-dairy ice cream I've ever had!"

"If you're looking for some vegan ice cream...this is the place to be!! Tried their Ube, coconut cream and lemon cream....out of this world!! A definite HANA HOU!!!"

"We were in Hilo for our honeymoon and got a very warm welcome at this local shop. Great locally sourced vegan ice cream that tasted like the real stuff, which is hard to do, great hospitality and all at a great price! Thanks for the delicious dessert!"

"Best, most luscious ice cream anywhere because it is made from coconut milk and natural ingredients. Full-on flavor!"

"This is seriously good ice cream! It doesn't matter if you are vegan or not this place is worth it! Staff is nice, portion are really generous for the price and the ice cream is good. They even make you try out all there ice cream if they have the time wich is really nice!"

"Best ever ice cream! Amazing flavors, cute shop, kind people. There are even small chairs/tables & toys for the kids :)"

180 Kinoole St STE 104, Hilo, HI 96720 Scoop shop is open 11am to 5pm Tuesday through Saturday