It all started with long trips from the store, melted ice cream, and neighborhood vegan potlucks. When our decidedly non-vegan neighbor suggested we should sell this stuff, that's exactly what we did!

Our story began like so many other Hawaiian businesses - by selling at the beach! We quickly gained a following and expanded to local farmer's markets and then finally opened our first brick and mortor shop in downtown Hilo, HI on May 1st 2018! In just over a year, we went from making ice cream in 2 quart batches to over 14 gallons every day and quickly selling out!

Our ice cream is 100% vegan and crafted using a coconut milk base. We source our ingredients as locally and organic as possible and we are commited to our community and our keiki on the Big Island of Hawaii. Stop by and taste our vegan ice cream and find out why we can't keep it in stock.