We make amazing vegan ice cream using the abundance of locally sourced ingredients from the Big Island of Hawaii. Stop by and find out why vegans and non-vegans alike rave about our ice cream and why we can't keep it in stock!

Year-round flavors

Crazy for Coconut Coconut base with organic coconut flake and a hint of Big Island organic vanilla bean Nutritional Facts
Ka'u Coffee Fresh brewed 100% Ka'u Darkwood espresso from Big Island Coffee Roasters in our creamy coconut base with a hint of Big-Island organic vanilla bean Nutritional Facts
Chocolate Organic Heirloom cocao folded into our creamy coconut base, with a hint of sea salt and Hamakua vanilla Nutritional Facts
Backyard Lemon Fresh squeezed meyer lemon juice from our Kalapana farm with a hint of lemon zest Nutritional Facts
Lucious Lilikoi Fragrant and flavorful lilikoi juice in our creamy coconut base Nutritional Facts
Ginger Mac Nut Loads of fresh organic minced ginger in our creamy coconut base and pleny of roasted Hawaiian mac nuts Nutritional Facts
Banana in your Pocket Loads of ripe apple bananas in our creamy coconut base with a hint of sea salt and something special Nutritional Facts
Thai Iced Tea Fresh brewed Thai iced tea in our creamy coconut base Nutritional Facts
Mint Chocolate Chunk Peppermint based ice cream folded with chunks of fair-trade 70% dark chocolate Nutritional Facts
Lime in da Coconut Fresh squeezed limes from our Kalapana farm mixed with our creamy coconut base to make a sorbet-like flavor explosion Nutritional Facts
Ube Cardamom Roasted, Puna-grown Okinawan purple sweet potato combined with freshly ground, single source yellow cardamom Nutritional Facts
Roasted Pistachio Our creamy coconut and pistacio base choke full of Roasted, salted pistachio nuts Nutritional Facts
Cookie Dough Monster Our creamy coconut base filled with chunks of a proprietary vegan cookie dough prepared for us by Ohana Cookies Nutritional Facts
Hippie Juice Fresh juiced local tumeric and young ginger combined with Hamakua honey, saigon cinnamon, and a dash of Puna-grown black pepper Nutritional Facts

Seasonal flavors

Sweet Kona Mango Fresh Kona Mangos and mango chunks blended in our creamy coconut base
Rosella (Hibiscus) Organic, Puna-grown rosella flowers that are then reduced and added to our signature creamy coconut base. Rosella is also known as *Jamaica* or hibiscus tea.
Pumpkin Pie Roasted, Local-grown kabocha squash pureed with premium spices and Hawaiian vanilla in our creamy coconut base Nutritional Facts
Orange Creamsicle Fresh squeezed orange juice from local oranges combined with our creamy coconut base. Contains pulp. Nutritional Facts
Backyard Grapefruit When we can get our hands on local grapefruit, we make this ono ice cream that is a real treat and a great palate cleanser Nutritional Facts
Star Apple Fresh star apples combined with our creamy coconut base to create a once-per-year flavor
Tropic Thunder A cacophany of Hawaiian-grown tropical fruits combined to make the ultimate tropical flavor. Fresh papaya, apple banana, pineapple, lilikoi and organic coconut flake Nutritional Facts

Flavors we don't have pictures for yet (because we're busy!)

Chocolate Peanut Butter It's been described as a peanut butter cup on crack. Seriously, we think people mainline this stuff. Nutritional Facts
Cookies N Cream Lots and Lots of fresh baked double dark chocolate cookies from local baker Ohana Cookies mixed with our creamy coconut base - what's not to love? Nutritional Facts
Cranberry Can't get enough cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving? We make our own house-made cranberry sauce and fold it into our creamy coconut base for a seasonal treat. Nutritional Facts
Dark Chocolate Take our regular chocolate and intesify it with even more fair-trade organic cacao and you have rich, intense chocolatey experience Nutritional Facts
Dirty Coffee What happens when you take our 100% Ka'u Coffee flavor and mix it with Almonds, Vegan Marshmallows and Espresso Grinds? Yeah, it's dirty baby! Nutritional Facts
Durian The King of fruits or a stinky oddity? No matter how you smell it, it's a rare, seasonal treat that sells out fast! Nutritional Facts
EggFruit Eggfruit, also known as Lucuma, is grown locally on the Big Island and when we can find enough to make a batch, we do. Nutritional Facts
Guavalicous Fresh pink guava puree in our creamy coconut base with ribbons of house-made guava syrup Nutritional Facts
Happy Ending A mistake flavor with a happy ending - when we accidentally mixed peanut butter, chocolate chunks and our pina colada base, it was finish worth wating for! Nutritional Facts
Hunky Monkey Our Bananna in your pocket base mixed with peanut butter and chocolate chunks. A classic! Nutritional Facts
Maple Walnut Loads and Loads of pure, organic maple syrup and chopped walnuts comprise this breakfast classic Nutritional Facts
Marco Polo When east meets west! Organic fair-trade earl grey tea ice cream swirled with our house-made vegan caramel sauce! Nutritional Facts
Massive Mint Cookie Crunch Our take on a Girl Scout classic - Double dark chocolate cookies baked by Ohana Cookies mixed into our signature mint base. Nutritional Facts
Matcha Madness Crazy amounts of organic matcha powder mixed into our creamy coconut base. It's a tea ceremony in a different form! Nutritional Facts
Not Butter Pecan Get it? Our ice cream is vegan, so we can't use butter. This is our take on a classic using an organic vegan butter substitute with house-made candied pecan bits. Nutritional Facts
Pina Colada Lots of Hawaiian grown pinapples blended into our creamy coconut base - just add rum! Nutritional Facts
Pumpkin Chip Jerrica got creative and added walnuts and vegan, organic chocolate chips to our pumpkin pie recipe and it was an instant favorite! Nutritional Facts
Rocky Road My wife's favorite! Our chocolate base with vegan marshmallows and chopped almonds Nutritional Facts
Rum Raisin Organic flame raisins soaked in dark rum folded into our creamy coconut base with an extra hint of vanilla and a splash of real rum! Nutritional Facts
Soursop A seasonal treat! Lots and Lots of fresh soursop blended into our signature base to create a flavor true to this amazing tropical fruit! Nutritional Facts
Sticky Salty Nuts Pecans, Mac Nuts and Cashews in our vanilla base swirled with our house-made caramel sauce Nutritional Facts
Super Chocolate Our Dark Chocolate base with loads and loads of house made locally grown Hawaiian Cacao nibs. Nutritional Facts
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