We make amazing vegan ice cream using the abundance of locally sourced ingredients from the Big Island of Hawaii. Stop by and find out why vegans and non-vegans alike rave about our ice cream and why we can't keep it in stock!
Year-round flavors
Crazy for Coconut Coconut base with organic coconut flake and a hint of Big Island organic vanilla bean
Ka'u Coffee Fresh brewed 100% Ka'u espresso from Ka'u Specialty in our creamy coconut base with a hint of Big-Island organic vanilla bean
Chocolate Organic Heirloom cocao folded into our creamy coconut base, with a hint of sea salt and Hamakua vanilla
Backyard Lemon Fresh squeezed meyer lemon juice from our Kalapana farm with a hint of lemon zest
Lucious Lilikoi Fragrant and flavorful lilikoi juice in our creamy coconut base
Ginger Mac Nut Loads of fresh organic minced ginger in our creamy coconut base and pleny of roasted Hawaiian mac nuts
Tropic Thunder A cacophany of Hawaiian-grown tropical fruits combined to make the ultimate tropical flavor. Fresh papaya, apple banana, pineapple, lilikoi and organic coconut flake
Apple Banana Loads of ripe apple bananas in our creamy coconut base with a hint of sea salt and something special
Thai Iced Tea Fresh brewed Thai iced tea in our creamy coconut base
Mint Chocolate Chunk Peppermint based ice cream folded with chunks of fair-trade 70% dark chocolate
Lime in da Coconut Fresh squeezed limes from our Kalapana farm mixed with our creamy coconut base to make a sorbet-like flavor explosion
Ube Cardamom Roasted, Puna-grown Okinawan purple sweet potato combined with freshly ground, single source yellow cardamom
Pistachio Our creamy coconut and pistacio base choke full of Roasted, salted pistachio nuts
Cookie Dough Our creamy coconut base filled with chunks of a proprietary vegan cookie dough prepared for us by Ohana Cookies
Seasonal flavors
Sweet Kona Mango Fresh Kona Mangos and mango chunks blended in our creamy coconut base
Golden Milk Fresh juiced organic tumeric from the Johnson farm in Opihikao combined with Hamakua honey, saigon cinnamon, organic minced ginger and a dash of black pepper
Rosella (Hibiscus) Organic, Puna-grown rosella flowers that are then reduced and added to our signature creamy coconut base. Rosella is also known as *Jamaica* or hibiscus tea.
Pumpkin Spice Roasted, Puna-grown kabocha squash pureed with premium spices and Hawaiian vanilla in our creamy coconut base
Orange Creamsicle Fresh squeezed orange juice from our uncle Rudy’s farm combined with our creamy coconut base. Contains pulp.
Backyard Grapefruit Once per year in the early fall we make this ice cream fresh from the grapefruit tree in our back yard. A great palate cleanser
Star Apple Fresh star apple and lychee flavors combined with our creamy coconut base to create a once-per-year flavor